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Egis Viso – our clear sight.

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Egis Viso face shield

I’ve been wallowing in this craziness since March 12, although we knew about it earlier, I was trying to be oblivious. It’s been depressing thinking that my friends, employees and family have been so blatantly at risk. My main source of business for the last 35 years has been the foodservice business and we all know what’s happened there. So, I waited, like so many others, for guidance, direction and help, only to realize all I was doing was waiting and waiting.

Then out of the blue I was gob-smacked. My dear friend Kenny, one of the best people I know, showed up wearing a face shield. It was a beautiful design. Clear and light. Kenny explained that his brother, Peter, a product designer of note (, had fashioned the face shield. Kenny explained that his brother’s original intent was to provide frontline workers with an option for increased safety. It struck me. Why stay home and flounder when I might be able to have a purpose. To build a purpose driven business. After, several calls with Kenny, Peter and some business mentors we have come together for a purpose – to create a safer environment for the workers and consumers of our world. That gave birth to the Viso Face Shield - the reusable, recyclable and sanitizable face shield.

I pray that one day, in the not too distant future, the need for this product will become obsolete and we will have done our part. Until then we will provide protection at reasonable prices and give back. For every ten sold we will give one for charity. I look forward, with Kenny and Peter, to being able to take care of my family, my employees, my friends and our world.

Richard Drapkin

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